We also provide professional development services. See below a sample of a 2-hour workshop that could introduce the principles and practices of IEE. (Please note: This is only a sample; all workshops are shaped according to the needs/interests of participants.) We also provide consulting services.


2 hours (Note: We also offer more in-depth training through full-day and 2-3 day workshops.)

Target Audience:

Teachers, Administrators, Parents

Workshop Aims:

  • To introduce the main principles of IEE
  • To indicate how the main principles of IEE translate into practice
  • To provide some guided practice in thinking about curricular topics through imaginative and ecological lenses
  • To provide participants with resources that may support imaginative and ecological teaching

Possible Outline: (Note: This is only one possible approach. Workshops will be shaped to meet the specific needs of participants.)

  • Beginning with imagery – Remembering the body (Principle: Activeness); Remembering emotion (Principle: Feeling); Remembering the local context (Principle: Place/Sense of Place)
  • Overview of workshop aims and outline
  • Introduction to IEE – PowerPoint presentation
  • Focus on specific Cognitive Tools – Participants will work in small groups to think about how particular cognitive tools may be employed in relation to specific curriculum topics.
  • Frameworks and Sample Lessons – To underline how IEE is different from regular forms of planning and teaching, planning frameworks will be described. These are unlike any frameworks participants will likely have seen before, as they are based on the employment of cognitive tools for imaginative and ecological engagement. We will work through a number of examples, showing how the frameworks can be used to plan imaginatively and ecologically engaging lessons and units of study.
  • Questions and Discussion – We will conclude with a whole group discussion of the distinctiveness of IEE, and its focus on engaging the imagination and emotions of learners.

For more information on our workshops and consulting services please contact:

Dr. Gillian Judson,
Director, Imaginative Education Research Group,
Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University,
Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6