Informal “circular” framework for young children

Here is the circular framework, with its guiding comments. You will see that the whole is surrounded by, and sits within, the story. This doesn’t mean, again, that you need to come up with some fictional story but rather that you have to think of your lesson or unit as a good story to be told. This is not unlike having a clear objective, but it’s different in the way it focuses on the emotional importance of what you are to teach. Remember on the “story” pages it suggests you think about your topic much the way the journalist thinks about the topic she has to report on: she organizes the facts, events, ideas into a form that will bring out the main emotional quality and meaning of the topic. Similarly you can refresh your sense of each “cognitive tool” category by looking at the appropriate pages on this website. We have included here some brief comments to indicate one way in which you can begin to plan your lesson. We have followed this framework, below, with a blank version which you can copy or download—as you can this one—and use to sketch how you will use the tool in your lesson or unit.