Welcome to the Imaginative Science and Technology Teaching Program

This website describes and gives multiple examples of a new approach to teaching science and technology.

What is new about this approach is tied up with the ways it uses feelings and images, metaphors and jokes, rhyme and rhythm, stories and wonder, heroes and the exotic, hopes, fears, and passions, hobbies and collecting, and much else in engaging the imaginations of both teachers and learners with science. We have designing techniques and methods to enable teachers to routinely engage students in learning science efficiently and effectively. Using these techniques for engaging imaginations can make teaching and learning, and developing scientific understanding, more interesting, engaging, and pleasurable for all.

This new approach is distinguished by its engaging the imaginations and emotions of learners, and also of teachers, in learning science and developing scientific understanding. It draws on three sources:

  • Vygotsky’s ideas about the imagination and his developmental ideas
  • Principles and practices derived from a study of the emergence of scientific thinking from myth and other forms of pre-scientific thinking
  • The systematic study of imagination by the Imaginative Education Research Group
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