How We Can Help

We provide materials to help with teaching science to all ages from early years to adulthood. We offer a number of resources useful for imaginative science teaching and learning, including:

  • 1. This website, of course.

    Watch the website for news about new lesson and unit plans, workshops, conferences and other presentations. The website also provides opportunities for you to send comments, ask questions, etc.

  • 2. On-line sessions, and on-line mini-course

    We are also preparing on-line video conference sessions, and an on-line mini-course about Imaginative Science. E-mail us if you would like more information about these.

  • 3. Workshops.

    We offer workshops in association with the IERG conference each summer in July. (Keep and eye out for announcements on the IERG website). We also provide workshops in other places on contract. Contact us for costs and conditions.

  • 4. Conferences.

    In July 2015 we will offer our first conference, in association with the IERG. (Keep and eye out for announcements on the IERG website). We plan to offer a stream dedicated to the IST program as a part of the general IERG conference. Thereafter we will be offering a conference dedicated to IST. We are open to suggestions or offers of hosting IST conference in other sites. Contact us for costs and conditions.

One of the aims of the IST is to create a communication network among researchers, practicing education professionals, and others with an interest in imaginative science teaching. If you would like to receive electronic announcements updating you on our work, events, or activities, or to sign up for our newsletter, please contact us.