LiD and higher order thinking skills – April 2014

Mr. Mark Espinosa, as part of his Master’s program at St. Louis University in the Philippines has conducted a study of using LiD in “engaging students and promoting higher order thinking skills.” Though it was only a small pilot study with grade 5 students, the conclusion was: “The study reveals that the Learning-In-depth approach fully engages almost all of the students and enhances synthesis the most among the higher order thinking skills.”

One student summed up her experience by saying she had done well with LiD : “Because I learned more and it’s fun.” Mr. Espnosa also noted: “As a result of undergoing the Learning-In-depth approach students now realized and recognized that they became more knowledgeable about the topic given to them and it also made them increased their confidence in sharing and constructing the knowledge that they have learned. Furthermore, students’ interest and motivation to learn about the topic also grew. It shows that Learning In-depth approach numerically has stimulated and engaged students’ attention back to learning.” He adds: “Finally, The Learning-In-depth approach develops students’ ability to utilize resources which enhances their ability to do research, present and share information which enhance their speaking and confidence skills, and trains them to become independent learners. With this, student became more engaged in learning when they have a chance to dig into complex, challenging, and sometimes even messy problems that closely resembles real life.”