St Alcuin College in North Vancouver wants to be a LiD school

Our introduction to LiD was delivered with a visual provocation. The students watched a short video of the wonders of the world around us, landforms, insects, animals, technology, history, and environmentalism were briefly shown in short 6-second videos. Parents and students listened to a brief description of the LiD program and all adults present, including administrators, teachers and parents pledged to support the students along the journey. A short celebration ended the day and involved a small snack and pictures.

Quotes on LiD from our students

“ I like my topic because I like to cook and it is fun because I am learning about stuff that I didn’t know.”

“I think LiD is about starting on one thing and learning more and more about it, going deeper and deeper.”

“I like LiD because it lets you learn lots about a subject.”

“I like LiD because I find it interesting because you get to decide what you do.”

“I love my topic because it is totally me.”

“LiD is a topic that you master.”

“LiD is my favourite subject in school.”