“Yes, it’s LiD day!”

Capitol Hill Elementary, Burnaby

Contact: Olwen Cowan – MACC Teacher – 4/5 Class

“Yes, it’s LiD day!” is the most common thing I hear when greeting my students on Friday mornings.

This fall I implemented the Learning in Depth program with my classroom of high ability learners (part of Burnaby’s Multi-age Cluster Classroom pilot program for gifted/high ability children in grades 4 and 5). My intention was to maintain and sustain the love of learning the majority of my students have. But, of course, some questions lingered. Would the students feel engaged with the topics? Would they see the interconnections that LiD provides? Could LiD help in building community with students who travel from all across the school district for this specialized program? The answer to the above questions is a resounding, deafening “YES”.

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