Mar Jok Elementary in West Kelowna.

Dignitaries at Mar Jok see Learning in Depth in action!

​The Minister of Education, Mr. Fassbender, along with Superintendent, Mr. ​Gloster and Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Beaudry, visited Mar Jok Elementary (West Kelowna, BC) on April 10 to see the innovative Learning in Depth program in action.

Below you see Marlee teaching the Minister of Education about Learning in Depth!

We look forward to more updates!

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We get MAIL …

Take a look at some of the comments we receive when visitors download the +100 MORE LID TOPICS list.

My daughter is in her first year of LiD at Irvington K-8. Her topic is rodents, and even at age six, I’m starting to see her move among accumulating knowledge to making connections. I’m witnessing the pride and engagement of ownership of her topic. I’m thrilled that she has this. My daughter is on the Autistic spectrum and has SPD, and sometimes she is not successful in the traditional classroom. This is another way for her to soar and demonstrate her talents.
As a teacher myself, I’ve been talking to my principal about bring LiD to our middle school. He’s enthusiastic and we are both reading Kieran Egan’s book.

Whitford Middle School

Its a very good concept and can be introduced in the various club activities that we have. The 100+ topics list will be of great help.Thank you for sharing.

G D Salwan Public School – India

I am interested in learning more about how we could implement LID at our school for girls in grades 6-12. My own daughters (ages 9 and 12) are very intrigued by this idea.

The Ethel Walker School

I love LiD!!! I wish more schools could do it. As a parent, I’m getting my kids involved at home. This fuels family outings, exploration and creating in the home.

Jennifer – SD41 BC, Canada

I am piloting this with my homeroom kids, grades 4-7. We are an online k-12 school. This is part of an Advisory class. Although there will be no grading, it will be part of their responsibilities in their Advisory course that includes other things like journaling, note-taking, etc.

Baker Web Academy

I am exploring the idea of homeschooling my 15 year old daughter. She is currently in the ninth grade at a private school for children who ‘learn differently’. She is intelligent but has ADD and ‘executive function’ and ‘processing’ issues. I suspect that she may also be somewhere on the Autism spectrum, perhaps mild Aspergers.
She is doing well at this school but I feel that she would benefit from one on one instruction and time for more in depth investigation into subject matter.
I saw the ‘Learning in Depth’ book in the library and it looked interesting.

Holly W. Homeschooling

We originally considered a Learning in Depth pilot program as an extension opportunity for our Talented and Gifted students, but due to parent interest we have expanded it to anyone interested. We are a K-8 school located in Portland, Oregon. My team of volunteer staff and parents are hoping the teachers choose to adopt it school wide next year after seeing the program success firsthand. Since it is an extracurricular activity this year we are implementing weekly check-ins with students and monthly research evenings. Parent support is high thanks to a presentation from Bob & Sheri Dunton in September. We have 131 of our 481 students participating. We are adapting Corbett’s “Library of Alexandria” theme and are having great fun preparing. Thank you for providing us with this opportunity!

Irvington School, Portland Public Schools

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