LiD starting in another Chilean school

Colegio Tricahue, a new primary school in Requinoa, Chile, has started LiD. Parents and children gathered first for a description of how they would engage with the LiD program. Their topics were written in colourful paper birds hanging from the classroom ceiling. Parents lifted their children up so they could select a bird and discover the topic they were going to become an expert on. The school has taken to LiD with great enthusiasm.

Carolina Lopez, Director of Imaginative Education, Mexico, and Soledad Acuña, of the Cultural and Imaginative Education Teacher Network, Chile, recently visited Tricahue College in Chile to see how they were implementing LiD in the school.
They were shown around by Rosario Michea and Felipe Poblete, two of the LiD teachers, and met with Sandra Lobos, Rosita Caceres and with many students.

At the conclusion of their visit, both Soledad and Carolina said they had a good impression of how LiD is being implemented in the school. They were especially impressed by the creativity and energy of the teachers and the enthusiasm and engagement with their topics that the students displayed.

Magdalena Merbilhaa, one of the International Associate of IERG and Director of the Cultural Network and Director of Outreach Activities at Finis Terrae University, had earlier spoken to parents about Imaginative Education in general, and discussed the LiD program at that time.