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LiD in the media

WISE has launched the ed.hub to help practitioners share their knowledge and experience, building bridges between challenges and solutions. The ed.hub is a platform where experts and practitioners support each other by engaging in conversations on particular education issues. It allows thinkers and doers to connect and explore new collaborations and partnerships to tackle educational […]

University Highlands Elementary School

UNIVERSITY HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Presents: 2015 Learning in Depth Open House & Celebration! Where: UHE, Burnaby, BC When: May 22nd – 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm Come and join us!

“Yes, it’s LiD day!”

Capitol Hill Elementary, Burnaby Contact: Olwen Cowan – MACC Teacher – 4/5 Class “Yes, it’s LiD day!” is the most common thing I hear when greeting my students on Friday mornings. This fall I implemented the Learning in Depth program with my classroom of high ability learners (part of Burnaby’s Multi-age Cluster Classroom pilot program […]


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St Alcuin College in North Vancouver wants to be a LiD school

Our introduction to LiD was delivered with a visual provocation. The students watched a short video of the wonders of the world around us, landforms, insects, animals, technology, history, and environmentalism were briefly shown in short 6-second videos. Parents and students listened to a brief description of the LiD program and all adults present, including […]

LiD in a grade 2 French Immersion classroom

“It’s what students do with what they learn when they can do what they want to do that is the real measure of educational achievement.” (Eisner, 2001) As an IE educator, this quote by Elliot Eisner has stuck with me and is my driving force. I ventured upon implementing Learning in Depth (LiD) in my […]

KB Woodward Elementary

At KB Woodward Elementary we began LiD in 2011/2012 with 1 class taking the challenge. During the 2012/2013 School Year we had 3 classes working on LiD. During the 2013/14 school year we had 7 classes participating in LiD. Each class had weekly research time with their teacher. We also met twice a month in […]

David Futter and new LiD program

David Futter is piloting a student engagement program based around LID, supported by his School Board in Victoria, B.C. Canada. Last year several disengaged students at his school all told the principal that the only thing they liked the previous year was LID. He designed a program based on one student’s LiD topic in such […]

Newsletter AUG 2014

2014 has been a great year for LiD so far, as it spreads increasingly around the galaxy, becoming a staple of the curriculum in more and more schools. Since our last Newsletter, we have had additional schools take on the program in Chile, England, Australia, Ireland, U.S.A. and Canada, and no doubt other places we […]

LiD in the UK – June 2014

A new school has begun LiD in London, UK. So far we have heard from only a small number of UK schools implementing LiD. Marc Shoffren, the headmaster of Alma Primary School has written about the launch of LiD in his school in his blog, which he has kindly allowed us to use here. Marc […]