Reasons to try LiD

We thought it might be a good idea to assemble reasons to try LiD. These will develop as time goes on. But we might begin with just a list of some of the benefits it offers to schools and school districts:

Educational value of “Learning in Depth” and potential contributions to a school and school district

  • Can be implemented relatively easily and can be flexibly articulated with other programs and the regular curriculum
  • Provides an excellent vehicle to develop personalized learning
  • A uniquely student-driven program, which teachers can facilitate
  • Adds a new dimension of flexible learning to the curriculum
  • LiD brings together university faculty and teachers. University faculty and Ph.D. students can provide on-going support, resources, and guidance; teachers can bring their experience and critical intelligence to bear on revising the program to fit their own circumstances—a genuinely collaborative experience for both groups
  • Creates a core of teachers expert in Lid and available for training others
  • Allows school district personnel to implement an innovative, locally developed, Canadian program that is rapidly spreading around the world
  • Successful schools and teachers can share their experience and expertise with other teachers and administrators
  • Involves parents with schools and their children’s learning in a new way