The LiDKit:

Resources for Implementing the Learning in Depth Program from Pacific Educational Press is READY. It includes a brief guide for parents, an implementation book for teachers, activity cards for students, and a DVD with additional materials, including first-hand accounts by teachers in various schools that have already implemented LiD.

• For more information on the LiDKiT: Pacific Educational Press


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ARTICLES and Blogs

by Victoria Winterhalte

“Going Deep — Finding Time for In-Depth Learning”.

A blog about education by Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide

You can read an article, “Learning in Depth: Students as Experts”.

You can reada further article “Learning in Depth: Imagine if schools were repositories of expertise––and the students were the experts”.

A student’s thoughtful paper on first hearing about Learning in Depth. The paper was written by Emily White. She is currently teaching in Carmacks in the Yukon.