Student Work

Here we will begin to feature some of the items that students have included in their portfolios.

We will begin with some PowerPoint presentations prepared by students in a team-taught grade 4 class at Wilfrid Jury Public School in London, Ontario.  Bela Sharma did the project on whales and the other one was by Gillian LaBelle.  Their teachers are Zillah Moss and Dale Hubert.

David Futter has sent a website of a large number of student projects.

And a terrific portfolio on “Swords”, done by Hayden Lau, a student in Burnaby Secondary School.

The following are two sets of illustrations taken from portfolios being put together by first grade students in a school in Tehran, Iran. The first are pictures one student has drawn of two types of spider:

To the left is a picture of a spider that eats birds, and the one below is of a spider that spits (and you can see it spitting!

The montage at the left is from a portfolio on Buildings. The student has drawn various kinds of building, and listed (in Farsi) features of them, as described below:

1) She has named different types of buildings such as business, residential, different shops, towers, etc.

2) In the other table, she has named the materials used in a building such as bricks, metal, cement, etc.

3) She has also listed the names of different people working in buildings etc. such as welder, carpenter, etc.

4) Interestingly, she has drawn the pic of old houses/buildings in Iran–the dome ones.

Santi and Kian Movies for UHE LiD ceremony 2013