Case studies

Currently we have three schools that have kindly agreed to share the work they have been doing on their WSPs. Please join them by sending us a description of your planning or implementation work. We have information here on one school in China, one in the US, and one in Canada.

Corbett Charter School

Corbett Charter School is close to the Columbia River Gorge, and so chose the gorge as their WSP topic. The description here is introduced by the school principal, Bob Dunton, and described in more detail by three of the teachers engaged in teaching as part of the WSP. Once the idea of a project and the particular topic was agreed, the teachers became really engaged both by the topic and the ways it could invigorate the learning of the students and build community in the school.

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Canada Qingdao Secondary School

Canada Qingdao Secondary School is, as the name suggests, in Qingdao, China. The account that follows is written by the principal, Yvan Zebroff. Though the school is in China, it follows a Canadian curriculum. After consulting with students and teachers, Yvan chose as the topic “Garden plants of Qingdao,” for reasons you can see in his description of the planning process. One reason is connected with the school’s situation in a highly urbanized environment.

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Westwood Elementary School

Westwood Elementary School is in Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. The account here is contributed by Jonathan Sclater and Pamela Hagen. At Westwood they started a 3 year WSP called “Respecting Our River, Embracing Our Space” which is about the Coquitlam River that runs nearby the school. Students will be engaged in spending time at the river location itself, and learning about various aspects of the local ecosystem such as native plant and animal species.

Learn more about their implementation of a WSP.

Rockheights Middle School in Victoria, B.C

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