An Introductory Workshop

Duration: 3 hours

Target Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Parents

Workshop Aims:

  • To introduce the main principles of WSPs
  • To indicate how the main principles of WSPs translate into practice
  • To identify appropriate topics for a WSP
  • To provide guided practice in thinking about the impact of a WSP on everyday school activities
  • To provide resources to support planning and developing WSPs

Outline: (Note:  This is only one possible approach.  Workshops will be shaped to meet the specific needs of participants.)

1. Overview of workshop aims and outline

2. Introduction to WSPs

  • PowerPoint presentation

3. Focus on specific WSP topics

  • After an introduction that describes the main principles for selecting an appropriate topic, participants will work in small groups focused on what topics might be most suitable for their school/s and locality/ies. Discussion.

4. Planning to implement a WSP

  • We will look at a set of purposes WSPs are designed to achieve in schools, and the administrative conditions necessary to get a program underway.  We will underline how WSPs are different from other kinds of projects or themes that are common in some schools.

5. Questions and Discussion

  • We will conclude with a whole group discussion of the distinctiveness of WSPs, and their focus on building community and invigorating learning, and engaging the imagination and emotions of learners.

Note:  We also offer more in-depth training through full-day and 2-3 day workshops. The WSPs team also provides consultancy visits to schools and school districts. For more information on possible workshop formats and consultancy visits please contact:

Dr. Kieran Egan,

Director, Imaginative Education Research Group,

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University,

Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6