Dr. Gillian Judson is Executive Director of the Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture and Education (CIRCE) at Simon Fraser University. She teaches for Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University and supervises Graduate Programs in Imaginative Education. Her published work and teaching show how we can routinely engage students’ imaginations (pre-K through graduate school) to ensure effective learning across the curriculum. Her research interests also include educational program design, online learning, educational change, educational leadership, and Museum education. She is particularly interested in sustainability and how an imaginative and ecologically sensitive approach to education can lead to a sophisticated ecological consciousness. Her recent books include A Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder & Developing Sense of Place K-12 (KDP, 2018), Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education: Practical Strategies For Teaching (UBC Press, 2015), and Imagination and the Engaged Learner: Cognitive Tools for the Classroom (Teachers’ College Press, 2015).

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The Imagination’s Role in Teaching & Learning (PreK-Higher Education)

The Imagination’s Role in Educational Leadership

The Power of Story: Increasing Engagement & Effectiveness with Cognitive Tools

Imaginative Education ( A Cognitive Tools Approach to Teaching (PreK-Higher Education)

Imaginative Ecological Education/Imagination’s Role in Place-Based Education (

Pedagogy for Place-Making & Activeness: Engaging The Body in Local Natural/Cultural Contexts

Inquiry-Based Learning: The Learning in Depth Program

Program Design & OnLine Learning


100+ conference presentations/workshops worldwide

Georgia Leadership Institute For School Improvement (Atlanta, Georgia)

Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University (B.C., Canada)

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University (B.C., Canada)

Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.)

Yorkville University (Fredericton, N.B., Canada)

Bank Street College of Education (New York, New York, USA)

University Gabriel Minstrel & University Finis Terrae (Santiago, Chile)

University of Victoria (Victoria, B.C., Canada)

K-12 Teaching, BC College of Teachers: Social Studies 8-10, Core French 8-12, Sciences Humaines 8-10


Sullivan Elementary School, Surrey School District, May 25, 2020. WebinarImaginative Ecological Education: Developing Sense of Place & Ecological Understanding With Elementary Students.

Teacher Success Summit, October, 2020. PresentationThree Guiding Principles for Imaginative Ecological Educators.


Engaging imagination in ecological education: Practical strategies for teaching.
Judson, G. (2015)

Wonder-Full education: The centrality of wonder in teaching and learning across the curriculum.
Cant, A., Egan, K. & Judson, G. (Eds.) (2013)

image_mini_FotorA New approach to ecological education: Engaging students’ imaginations in their world.
Judson, G. (2010).

WSP bookWhole School Projects: Engaging imaginations through interdisciplinary inquiry.
Egan, K. (With Dunton, B. & Judson, G.) (2014).

Teaching 360°- Effective learning through the imaginationTeaching 360°:  Effective learning through the imagination.
Judson, G. (Ed.) (2008).


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Dr. Gillian Judson
Executive Director of CIRCE (the Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture, & Education)

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Book Cover Kieran and GillianImagination and the Engaged Learner: Cognitive tools for the classroom: By Kieran Egan & Gillian Judson


A Walking Curriculum: Evoking Wonder And Developing A Sense of Place:  By Gillian Judson

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Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education:  By Gillian Judson

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I always look forward to listening to Gillian’s great and inspirational presentations about Imaginative Education. Gillian’s presentations always make her audience fall in love with IE!

Bratislav (Brad) Mladenovic, M.Ed.Manager, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Health Sciences, SFU

Gillian Judson possesses two enduring qualities that any great educator aspires to: passion and knowledge. Under her tutelage throughout my graduate degree, I learned to ask of myself the “right” questions, and Gillian’s unwavering support in my search for answers encouraged me to pursue my own intellectual passions. Not only have I lived it as her student, I have witnessed Gillian’s ability to challenge and inspire through her work as our Faculty Member for our Imaginative Education module in SFU’s Professional Programs. Gillian’s tenacious spirit and commitment to the betterment of education is infectious, and our student teachers learned deeply from her. Like me, they too aspire to become the kind of educator Gillian Judson is–respected and admired.

Kelly Robinson, M.Ed.Faculty Associate, SFU/Teacher IE

Since 2006 Gillian Judson has been teaching Museum Educational Leadership students at Bank Street College of Education about Imaginative Education. She is an intuitive and passionate educator who has fully absorbed Imaginative Education into her teaching; students can immediately make connections between the theory and their own practice even though they are working not in classrooms, Gillian’s usual environment, but museums and cultural institutions.

Leslie Bedford, PhDMember of the Museum Group
Dr. Gillian Judson was a highlight of our conference. As a personable and warm Keynote speaker, she drew us in with her stories about education. Gillian taught us how to make a student truly feel the lesson we are trying to share with them. Providing practical strategies, she spoke from a wealth of experience and research that brought colour to our professional development. She was an excellent speaker that had us all enraptured from the very beginning of her talk.
Kristen HyodoBC Camping Association Board Member/Conference Chair