Conference Proceedings 2015

2015 IERG 10th International Conference on Imagination and Education



What is the role of teachers in Learning in Depth, LiD?

Linda Holmes

Ryan Hughes

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Beyond Dewey: Consciousness, Aesthetics, Metaphor, and Imaginative
Education in the making of Ecological Thinking.

Victor Kobayashi, Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii

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Storytelling & Critical Thinking

Charles Temple

Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Geneva, New York 14456 USA

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Let’s make the familiar term “ imagination” strange: Generating the world not
there, or exploring the real world.

Kiyotaka Miyazaki
Waseda University

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Imagine, create and construct knowledge.

Mónica García Pelayo
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional-México

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Conference Proceedings 2014

2014 IERG 9th International Conference on Imagination and Education

The great workhorse of learning


Symbol Mastery and the Retention of Dolch Spelling Words

Patricia Carson, James Cook University

Reesa Sorin, James Cook University

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“I liked that you can pat the dog and interact with it and read to it”

Engaging the imagination: The effect of the Classroom CaninesTM program on reading and social/emotional skills of selected primary school student.

J.Lloyd and R. Sorin

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The Dreamtime and Imagination – Using Aboriginal Stories and the Arts in Teaching and Learning

Ranatunga, Strodl and Sorin

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“We wrote a letter to Mrs T. to visit Australia and stay with our friends. We would work on the plane”: The Postcards Across Borders Project in Scotland and Australia

Reesa Sorin

Carol Ann Stannard

Iain Gordon

Tamara Brooks

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The Importance of students’ National Culture on their Innovative Capacity: A Literature Review

Christopher Moylan

Anjum Razzaque

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Azadeh Derakhshan

Hamid Reza Mansourian

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Conference Proceedings 2013

2013 IERG 8th International Conference on Imagination and Education

Imagination and Learning:
Engaging the minds of students in the curriculum

Portraiture by Numbers

Judy Dabideen-Sonachansingh

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Using Ricoeur to interpret acts of imagination in a university physics class

Joy Whitton, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

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Four degrees of separation. Imagination and neuroscience

Concettina Manna
Giuliano Minichiello

University of Salerno (Italy), April 2013

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