Professional Development: Seminars/Workshops/Presentations

We offer a range of professional development activities for educators from different educational environments including public and private schools, school boards, university or college education departments, and museums. The workshops and seminars available can either be part of our regular professional development program offerings or they can be custom designed to meet an organization’s specific requirements and interests. Our workshop, seminar or presentation formats and durations are diverse including 90 minutes, half-day (3-hour), full-day (6-hour), 2-day, keynote presentations, or longer contracts (by arrangement).

All of our presenters have expertise in Imaginative Education theory and practice. As you can read from their brief bios, our presenters have extended their knowledge of Imaginative Education into different educational fields and, thus, offer a range of expertise and experience. Our presenters are also skilled imaginative educators. Our interactive workshops will introduce Imaginative Education theory and will show its practical implications for teaching in engaging and effective ways. We have conducted workshops and seminars throughout Canada and the U.S.A., as well as in many countries around the world. Some of our international destinations include Europe (e.g. Romania, Italy, Spain, Israel, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Holland), South America (e.g. Chile, Brazil), Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore), and Australia.

Some Workshop Topics:

      The Role of Imagination in Education: General Overview of the Principles & Practices Imaginative Education (K-Postsecondary)
      Imaginative Early Childhood Education: Principles & Practices
      Imaginative Education in Practice (Kindergarten-PostSecondary Contexts):
      IE For Primary/Elementary School Educators
      IE For Middle/Secondary School Educators
      IE For Post-Scondary/Graduate Educators
      Imaginative Education in the Mathematics/Social Studies/English Classroom (Subject-specific workshops)
      Imaginative Ecological Education: Principles & Practices
      Imaginative Ecological Education: Engaging the Body and Developing Sense of Place
      The LUCID project (Aboriginal Education)
      Learning in Depth
      Whole School Projects
      Your Choice–Our experts can shape a topic to meet your needs and interest!

What matters most is that the professional development meets your needs. Please contact Dr. Gillian Judson for more information.

OUR Presenters

Gillian JudsonWebsite Gillian
Annabella Cant
Kym Stewart
Mike Derby
Anne Chodakowski
1 Hour Talk/Workshop$ 250
2 Hour Workshop
$ 450
4 Hour Workshop$ 650
6 Hour Workshop$ 850
Keynote Presentations (45min)$ 1500

We would be pleased to discuss your individual needs with you and to develop a fee schedule that works with your annual development budget.

Fees are calculated for groups of maximum 25 participants. For larger groups (25 to 40) you may add $10 CAD/per extra person. Fees do not include materials/travel/lodging/food expenses (if applicable).

Fees apply to talks/workshops organized in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Canada) only.