Professional Network of Imaginative Educators: Now ONLINE

Are you familiar with the theory of Imaginative Education (IE) and want to learn more about implementing this approach in your teaching? Do you want to connect with Imaginative Educators worldwide? Do you want to get inspired?

Please join our international professional learning network!  Originally we held local meetings in a group called NIET–the Network of Imaginative Education Teachers–but there are so many educators now practicing IE around the world that we had to move our PLN of IE educators ONLINE.  We have active IE communities across Canada, the USA, Chile, China, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Australia, Taiwan and Korea to name just a few places.

Please learn more about Imaginative Education and how to implement it in your teaching through these ONLINE formats:

  1.  Join our Imaginative Education Forum on Facebook.  Click the link to access the forum and to request to join.  It is a great way to ask questions and seek ideas from people who all speak the same IE language of cognitive tools and kinds of understanding.
  2. Subscribe to Gillian Judson’s imaginED blog ( It is a blog dedicated to disseminating all aspects of Imaginative Education practice from PreK through Post Secondary. (Subscribers get a weekly email with all new posts.) ImaginED always welcomes guest bloggers if you want to share your practice. This is a blog by imaginative educators for imaginative educators so please get involved!
  3. Use Twitter? Join us LIVE for a monthly #imaginEDchat .  Gillian Judson (@perfinker) and Olwen Cowan (@OlwenCowan) are your hosts for fast-paced (fun) chats about all aspects of imagination-focused teaching practice.  For information on upcoming chats and how to participate, follow them, get in contact, and check out @imaginEDnow on Twitter.