Planning Frameworks

This page provides updated versions of Kieran Egan’s Imaginative Education planning frameworks. Planning frameworks for Mythic Understanding (most suitable for students in primary/elementary school), Romantic Understanding (most suitable for students in middle/secondary school), and Philosophic Understanding (most suitable for students in senior secondary school and college) are available in two forms: first, a “guide” which provides detailed instruction on how one might engage students’ imaginations in learning, and second, an “outline” that includes planning questions only. The circular frameworks designed by Tannis Calder offer an alternative approach to planning and can be particularly useful for brainstorming and initial access to topics. To assist further in lesson and unit planning, examples of binary oppositions and heroic qualities are also provided. For additional information on any of the cognitive tools included in these frameworks go to TEACHER TIPS.

Imaginative Education Frameworks

Circular Frameworks by Tannis Calder

Other Resources

Parallel Frameworks

These frameworks use an alternative format devised by some IERG researchers
(Originally revised by Tannis Calder, in 2005 these were expanded by Mark Fettes & Anne Chodakowski)