Teacher Voices:  Hearing From Imaginative Education Educators

You may be wondering what it’s like to use the Imaginative Education approach in the classroom.  What happens when the emotional engagement of students guides teaching and learning? Take a look at the names provided below to hear from teachers that employ a cognitive-tools and, thus, an imagination-focused, methodology in their classrooms.

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Teaching with Imaginative Educational theory in mind has made the difference with my students.

IE brings excitement, engagement, connection to content and meaningfulness to the teaching and learning that transpires with my students.

Christa Rawlings
Grade 6/7 Teacher

Kavita Hoonjan
Elementary French Immersion Teacher

IE speaks to me because it is FUN for everyone and creates the spark to carry us along life’s memorable learning journey.

IE has revolutionized my classroom teaching because it gives me permission to pass on the passion and wonder of Chemistry to my students.

Dario Demetlika

Judy Dabideen-Sonachansingh
Secondary Chemistry Teacher

Caitlyn James
Alternative Education Teacher

Webs don’t work


Tim Waddington
Secondary History and Humanities Teacher


Jim Davies
Science and Biology Teacher


Bonding and the Royal Family Metaphor

Mallcology – Sci 10

Patrick Derksen
Grade 8 Teacher


Pythagorean IE reflection

Roger Eberle
Secondary English Teacher