Visiting Professor with the IERG

We are pleased to announce that Kiyotaka Miyazaki will be a Visiting Professor with the IERG from mid-May to mid-July, 2015. He is professor, of educational psychology, in the faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University. For a number of years he has been an associate of the IERG, and has given memorable presentations at a number of our summer conferences in Vancouver. His research background is in cognitive psychology. He has been studying the teaching-learning process in, mostly, elementary school and early childhood education. He has been engaged with cultural-historical theories, and has published work on both Vygotsky’s and Bakhtin’s ideas. He has published books on improving children’s learning, on interrelationships between students’ and teachers’ learning, and on children’s discovery and creativity in learning through artistic work. One of his research interests is to use IE ideas, particularly the recapitulation view of development, to develop Japanese practitioners’ uses of Imaginative Education.

NEW IEE Workshop

Engaging The Body and Developing A Sense of Place

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Would you like some practical strategies for imaginatively engaging your students in their learning?

Would you like to know how to engage the body in ways that can support learning and also contribute to ecological understanding?

Do you want ideas for getting students outside and developing a sense of place as you finish the school year?

Fee also include Resource book: Engaging Imagination in Ecological Education:  Strategies for Teaching (Pacific Educational Press, 2015)

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IERG News & Updates May 2015

Welcome to our latest newsletter, the 3rd this year.

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