NEWEST Publication by Dr Annabella Cant

This book is dedicated to educators, teachers, parents, and students that believe in the immense complexity of young children. The book augments Egan’s Imaginative Education theory, with an emphasis on the Somatic Understanding, and its flow into the Mythic Understanding.

“This original and stimulating book will make anyone reconsider what they think they know about early childhood education. Annabella Cant uses her own experience, as an individual and teacher, to bring vividly to life the experience of childhood and to show how we might better engage the imaginations of children in learning. The book outlines a new approach that challenges many of the taken-for-granted assumptions of present educational practice.” Kieran Egan Ph.D.

Unswaddling Pedagogy is a pedagogy that welcomes and releases the creativity, imagination, and all other meaning making qualities and capacities of young children. My intention is to address pedagogy as a way of being present with the child. Through my work, I am hoping to inspire teachers to be with young children in ways that would literally free everyone and everything involved in the relationship from activities, actions, experiences, and events that would restrict rather than encourage and guide children’s imaginative and creative ways of making meaning of the world.


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